What is Snus?

The smokers, in the last years they encounter certain social problems due to cigarette smoke and the annoying effect that it can cause to other close people. One of the solutions to this problem, and at the same time beneficial for the health of smokers, is a Swedish product that is almost 50 years old: snus.

What is Snus?

What is Snus? Snus is a smokeless stimulant containing nicotine that is consumed orally. In addition to nicotine, it has a mixture of finely chopped tobacco, water, and salt. It can also include flavorings, such as bergamot oil, rose essence or licorice. Swedish «snus» is manufactured by a hot pasteurization process, that is, without fermentation. Nicotine is deposited in the mouth and the blood transports it to the rest of the body causing a stimulating effect.

In several countries, snus is considered a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. In fact, today in Sweden people consume more «snus» (19%) than cigarettes (10%).  Snus is currently used in the following countries:

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • United States of America
  • Russia
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Israel
  • India
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

Snus benefits compared to smoking

The main benefit of snus, compared to the effects of tobacco smoking, is an improvement in the quality of life of the entire society. A work by the University of Queensland (Australia) has shown that the population’s life expectancy improves if, instead of cigarettes, they use snus.

The work distinguished between:

  • current smokers
  • cigarette users who adopt the use of snus
  • snus users who have never tried cigarettes
  • who, after smoking, abandoned any form of this product.

The result has been categorical: smokers who switch to snus, instead of continuing to smoke, and new users who only consume snus will obtain significant gains in their health. The benefit is especially great among smokers who choose to use snus and who, had they not made that change, would have continued to use cigarettes

Currently, evidence shows that this product contains fewer toxins than other smoke-free forms. In closing, the conclusion is decisive: ‘snus’ could produce a great benefit for health in the entire population if it is adopted by a sufficient number of heavy smokers.




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