Snuff flavors

Snus is a smokeless stimulant containing nicotine that is consumed orally. In addition to nicotine, it has a mixture of finely chopped tobacco, water and salt, but it can also include special flavors, and that’s what we’ll talk about here: the snuf flavors

Snuf flavors

Swedish snus is a tobacco filled pouch that you consume by putting it under your upper lip. It’s a very traditional product in Sweden. The production of Swedish snus uses many types of tobacco from all over the world. All of them are air-dried. During production, tobacco is mixed with water, salt, and sodium carbonate. Subsequently, flavors are added that give it much more intense aromas.

There’s quite a variety of flavors, from aniseed to dark chocolate and licorice. So take your pick and welcome to a whole new world of snus flavors. The selection of flavors gives something to suit every palate and the most discerning of users. Whether you enjoy dark chocolate, mint, aniseed or liquorice, you’ll find a taste to savor and enjoy. A rich experience awaits you.

In this way, the most intense and used flavors are the following:

  • Fruit flavored snus: bergamot, raspberry, lingonberry, cloudberry, melon
  • Mint flavored snus: wintergreen, spearmint, menthol, peppermint
  • Sweet flavored snus: vanilla, caramel vanilla, cola, chocolate
  • Licorice flavored snus: licorice, salmiak, raspberry
  • Smokey flavored snus: tobacco, smokey

The history of snus

Smokeless tobacco began to be consumed in Sweden in the form of snuff, a habit imported by the French aristocracy. The snus appears mentioned as such, for the first time, in Swedish official documents from the year 1637. The snus was produced by hand until the end of the s. XIX, when production industrialized. At first, the snus was consumed loose.

In 1973, snus began to be marketed in portions, packaged for consumption in small bags. These small portions each contain approximately 1 gram of snus. The portioned snus is sold in the same type of cans as the loose snus. Each can contains about 20-25 servings.

Recently, a new type of serving has appeared, known as the white snus. It is a bag of snus less wet. This reduces salivation in the mouth when consumed and nicotine is also distributed for a longer time.

Snus is considered by many to be a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking. Today in Sweden people consume more «snus» (19%) than cigarettes (10%).




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